Lawn Service
  • Lawns will be mowed on a weekly or bi weekly basis as per our agreement.  
  • We will strive to service your lawn on the same day of each week, although the time of day cannot be guaranteed.
  • We will service your lawn in moderate rain conditions as long as drainage and saturation issues allow.  If rainfall
    is more than moderate, your lawn will be serviced on the next day.  If more than 2 days elapse before conditions
    become favorable for mowing, service will be skipped until the following week.
  • Please make sure that all gates remain unlocked so access to lawn areas remain unhindered.  If you require that
    a gate stays locked at all times, Green Touch Lawn Works can supply a combination lock and combination code
    for that gate FOR FREE so we can maintain guaranteed access to gated areas.
  • Please remove all toys and debris from the lawn areas prior to our service day.  Green Touch Lawn Works is not
    responsible for any damaged or destroyed items left in the lawn area.
  • Green Touch Lawn Works will make every effort to avoid damaging sprinkler heads, however, we are not
    responsible for damage to heads that are malfunctioning or not installed properly.  
  • Please make sure that all animal waste is cleaned up from the lawn areas prior to service.  We reserve the right to
    charge a $10.00 equipment cleaning fee if animal waste is excessive and requires the cleaning of our equipment
    after service before continuing with our scheduled route.  We can't provide the quality results we guarantee to our
    other clients if we show up to their property and track animal waste around their lawns.  We wouldn't do that to
    your lawn and we can't do it to theirs.  
  • Any complaints regarding service should be submitted within 24 hours of the service time.  Green Touch Lawn
    Works will assume the service was completed in a satisfactory nature otherwise.

  • Payments for lawn maintenance must be made as per our agreement, whether the terms are per cut, on a monthly
    invoice cycle or by whatever payment terms are agreed upon.  Invoices for the monthly cycle will be sent out no
    later than the 30th of each month.  The due date for payments will be no sooner than 14 days from the date the
    invoices are sent.  This gives each client plenty of time to remit payment either online or by check.  We will
    suspend service 10 days after the due date if payment has not been made by that time.  Service will be reinstated
    as soon as payment is made although we may have to charge a higher price for service if the lawn has gotten to
    an overgrown state.  Green Touch Lawn Works doesn't believe in late fees.  We keep track of payments, whether
    on time or late.  Any client who remits payments past the due date more than 2 times in one calendar year will be
    required to put a valid credit/debit card on file for automatic payments.  This way we decrease the amount of extra
    time it takes to track down late payments and the client no longer has to remember to remit payment for the
    invoice.  Outstanding invoice amounts left unpaid for more than 30 days past the original due date can and will
    most likely be turned over to a collection agency for further pursuit of payment and the fees we are charged for
    doing so will be added to the outstanding invoice amount.  
  • We do offer prepayment options and we do offer automatic payments for clients who put valid cerdit/debit cards
    on file.  Your information remains secure and you no longer have to worry about making the payment yourself.  
    Green Touch Lawn Works highly recommends this option.  It's makes things easier for everyone involved.
  • For all non mowing/maintenance work, all materials required for any project (mulch, rock, plants. etc.) must be
    paid for before work is to begin unless otherwise agreed upon.  The balance of the project must be paid in full at
    the time of completion.   In addition, an agreement outlining the scope of the work and the cost must be signed or
    noted by e-mail before work can commence.  
What to Expect